In the world of automobile manufacturing, innovation is always being created. One of the newest additions to this leading industry has been Volkswagen. VW’s newest car, the Taos, contains many innovative and new features that set it apart from its predecessors.

The Taos has a system that allows you to control your climate simply by touching a button. This means you no longer have to adjust knobs or buttons to change your passenger compartment's temperature. The car has two touch screens in front of the car, which allows you to see your calendar, text messages or doodles. Moreover, these screens also provide information on your traffic, fuel prices or even your vehicle’s sensor values.

The Taos also contains an odd-looking device on the windshield that helps you park and change lanes. The system allows you to track other cars and your position in relation to them. Thanks to this feature, you can ensure that no one has damaged your bumper or windshield.

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