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When it comes to buying a new car, people often think of spending days shopping around dealerships and stores until they find the right one. This can take up a significant amount of time, and it can be stressful to have to deal with the salesperson trying to influence your buying decision.

Fortunately, today's top Santa Maria car dealers like Community Volkswagen offer an extraordinary alternative: online car shopping. Through the dealers' official portals you can now buy your car contactless, stress-free, and protected from COVID-19. You should know the great benefits of buying cars online.

Top 5 Benefits of Online Car Shopping

  1. Stress-Free Shopping

When you shop online, it's at your own pace, with no rush, no pressure. The best Santa Maria car dealers like Community VW offer digital portals where you can explore each model in detail from the comfort of your home. You can enter the e-shop whenever you want and take your time to evaluate each of the options and decide on the one that best suits you.

  1. Best Prices

When you buy your car on the Internet you can get a better deal than with traditional car buying. Keep in mind that online sales do not have the costs associated with traditional sales (staff, location) so the dealer can deduct them from the final price. Besides, since they can't pressure you on the showroom floor, they lower the price to encourage you to buy.

  1. A Wider Offer

By logging into the dealer portal, you'll have more options. Keep in mind that when you go to the physical store, you can only limit your selection to the cars that are there at the time. With the online system, you can choose another vehicle that is not necessarily in the store, and the dealer will bring it to you through the dealer network.

  1. A Simpler Purchase

Traditional sales involve a series of steps including selection, test drive, negotiation, closing, and paperwork, which can consume significant time. Online transactions are faster, and even if you already have the car you want in mind, you can complete the purchase in just a few minutes.

  1. New & Used

At the best online dealerships like Community VW, you will not only have the option to buy new vehicles. Also, you can choose a certified pre-owned model. This significantly expands your options so you can enjoy a nearly new car for a lot less money.

Buy Your Volkswagen Online at Community VW

If you're ready to buy your new Volkswagen, Community VW is ready to make it happen. We strive to provide outstanding customer service, so we've designed a simple three-step online shopping process:

  1. Choose whether you want a new or certified pre-owned car, and then browse the list of options, at your leisure and at your own pace. Once you choose the model that's right for you, press the "Start Contactless Buying Experience" button.
  2. Select the payment method that suits you best. In this step, you can also include protection plans, incentives, and trade-ins & services.
  3. Verify the payment terms, and if necessary apply for financing. Then finalize the deal and you're done!

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