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Buying a used car is a great alternative for many people who want to own a vehicle for a much lower price than buying a new one. If you are determined to buy a used car, when looking for alternatives in the market, you will find two options: buying it from a private individual, or a dealership.

There is a general belief that buying a vehicle from a dealer is more expensive and that you can always get better deals with a private party. However, is this a reality? It is essential to objectively compare the differences between buying from top Santa Maria used car dealerships or from private individuals so that you can make an informed and wise decision.

Used Cars: Private Seller or Dealer?

Car History

The private seller has used the car continuously and is likely to have more information about the history of the vehicle. Keep in mind that a dealer may receive dozens of used cars a year to sell, and although they must verify the mechanical condition, they do not have detailed information. The current owner of a car, on the other hand, will certainly be able to tell you about its history, as well as any flaws or faults you should consider.

Price & Financing

Generally, the upfront price of a private individual is significantly less than that of a dealership. After all, the company must put some margin on the face price of the vehicle to make a profit. Also, private vehicle owners may be more flexible when negotiating. Many of them are willing to lower the price to sell outright, and if the car is damaged, they may negotiate even lower prices to get the money in hand.

Although the dealer's price may be slightly higher, buying from a dealer will give you several benefits that private sellers can't. The dealer may not be as flexible in negotiating the price, but many dealers are willing to take your current vehicle as part payment. Besides, the best dealers like Community VW offer extraordinary financing plans, which will allow you to buy the car you want and pay for it in parts (remember that the owner will only accept cash).

Vehicle Condition

Some private owners make minor repairs to their cars before putting them up for sale. However, in many cases, you should make the deal with the car "as it is" since the private owner is interested in the money. In that sense, you must make a thorough inspection of the vehicle before deciding. The wisest thing to do is to rely on a trusted mechanic to make sure you are buying a reliable car.

Dealers have minimum standards for receiving used cars for sale. Don't forget that they take care of their name and reputation, and they must also abide by the regulations of the law. This gives buyers the added security of knowing that they are buying a reliable car and that they will not fall victim to a scam.


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